Urethane Foam

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Urethane foam also goes by the name polyurethane foam or simply poly-foam. It is the least expensive and lowest quality foam used in mattresses and toppers. Oftentimes, mattress manufacturers use urethane foam as the top layer of spring mattresses primarily due to the inexpensive nature of the urethane foam. In a more recent trend, many online mattress retailer have begun using urethane foam as a substitute to spring coils for the base layer of the mattress. This newer process allows online retailers to save on shipping costs.

This sort of foam can be applied a few ways. In its simplest use, it can be sprayed onto open surfaces. Urethane can also be injected into closed cavities of walls of wood, sheet-rock and masonry block. That provides a little more skill and work, but can be done safely. As a foam sealant, urethane is an effective plastic foam.

Polyurethane foams have many properties that can then be identified and used to suit its strengths. This foam adheres directly to all building material surfaces, as its coverage is seamless and permanent, even around complex shapes. There is also a continuous air barrier that is formed by the foam that exists for the duration of the building's lifespan. It also forms a vapor retarder and water-proof barrier, thus making it resistant to dampening and damage from any sort of moisture. By using urethane foam, you will be installing a quality insulation system that will only add to the strengths of the building it is applied to.

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